Preaching role upon individual and collective economical growth

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Preaching role upon individual and collective economical growth

Postby msparida » Dec 27th, '16, 16:20

Preaching role upon individual and collective economical growth

Preaching –Generally we know preaching means story about God or feeling about God or existence of God or sacred and pious life or humanity or religion or spirituality or customs or ethic of worldwide communities etc.But preaching related to economy is not so easily digestable discussion.

Economy-Systems and procedures are being introduced in society for distributing the natural resources directly or indirectly for fulfill the existential needs both individual and collectively balancing to humanity, justice, liberty,characteristics and ecology by naming laws through exchange form of money in the name of wages,salary,remuneration and profit etc. is called economy.

Governance system-Framing laws for resist the animosity and distribute the natural resources directly and indirectly balancing to humanity, justice, liberty,characteristics and ecology.

Direct natural resources- Water, land, air, sun shine minerals and gases etc.

Indirect resources –Various service and products created from natural resources for fulfill the existential needs.

Owner of natural resources- Providence or God is the owner of natural resources. Then why do maximum people of the world are under the poverty line, though evolutionary governance systems are governing the human civilization?

Causes of economical undeveloped- Undeveloped governance system and ignorance of individual are causes of economical undeveloped. Ignorance can be reformed by perpetual teaching and preaching. Teaching is academic and preaching is to find root cause of ignorance.

Root causes of Ignorance- Root cause of ignorance connecting to individual birth reformation and environmental impulses. Environmental impulses connecting to parents’ culture and academic facilitation. Academic facilitation coming from Government. Parents ,teachers and governing people are coming to preacher for get rid from ignorance.

Preaching role for reform the ignorance- Preachers of worldwide communities’ moral duty to preaching about the micro- mechanism functioning beyond anatomy within one for which one’s become foolish and deprived to get share of God created natural resources and become poor. All worldwide incarnations or prophet or Guru vividly written in Holy Book of each community ,how to get rid from ignorance (both foolish and negative intelligent) and feel happiness in day to day life In other hand more positive intelligent present in Governance system would also help to growth the financial condition both individually and collectively.

Real preacher-Therefore more real preachers of worldwide communities are needed who know and realize the temperaments function within one would reduce the worldwide poverty and violence in human civilization and keep the sustainable psyco-socio-economy development in the world.

Madhu Sudana Parida
International Integration Bond(IIB)

Preaching role upon individual and collective economical growth



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