Various Professions Streams And Worldwide Violence

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Various Professions Streams And Worldwide Violence

Postby msparida » Dec 8th, '16, 14:49

Various professions streams and worldwide violence

We all need existential needs for survive. For fulfill the existential needs and establish the humanity, justice and liberty various professions are being created.

Streams of various professions are –
A-Governance system-
1- Legislative





C- Trading –


One makes profession as per own intellectual potentiality, environmental impulses and Governmental facilitation.

Own intellectual potentiality-

A-Active of brain cells is boon of divine and other is how much positive impulses getting from environment, means parents and society.

B-May be one dormant, but perpetual divine goading makes one standard intelligent for comfortable survive
Government facilitation –Benevolence, philanthropist and Ideal Governance system utilize the individual intelligence in form of collective intelligence and creates so many systems, process and technology for fulfill the existential needs balancing with humanity, justice and ecology is aim of our human civilization.

Now a days worldwide Governance systems improving new weapon technology for destroy the creature and investing maximum percentage of annual budget for military expense is less Ideal profession ,which creating grieves, agony ,distress,hostility,violence and poverty .

Therefore think to reform upon worldwide Governance systems for reduce violence, poverty and amuse happiness. Find the new Governance system suitable to any “ISM” through below link –

Exactly terrorism or upcoming new factitious concepts are being raised due to lack of Worldwide Ideal Governance and International integration platform among world people.

Professions and violence-

One thinks and does from morning to night generally for fulfill own existential needs or comfortable wants or luxurious amusements by joining one or more professions streams and other helps. One becomes happy when he/she able to fulfill own wants. But when one facing obstruct or unable to fulfill own wants becomes unhappy is circle of temperaments.

The way which guide to become happy in the time of obstruct or unable to fulfill the wants is divine or religion.
Therefore healthy professions streams and positive professional people would help other for feeling more happiness. Happiness is Calm stage of God.

Therefore deep positive professional people who are providing best facilitation to customer are feeling happiness in their day to day life.

Deep positive professional attitude of one profession makes chain among them form root level to international level for improve system, process and technology for providing more facilitation is “International Integration Bond”.

It is clear that very professions streams along with humanity, justice, liberty and religion communities are vital in our society. Any one would improve own positive professional attitude for provide more facilitation to other is also divine work and would feel God in life period.

Madhu Sudana Parida
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Various Professions Streams And Worldwide Violence



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