Sentimental patriotism,martyr and terrorism

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Sentimental patriotism,martyr and terrorism

Postby msparida » Dec 28th, '16, 15:22

Sentimental Patriotism, Martyr and Terrorism

Human Civilization –Evolutionary existential social concepts (Governance system,education,cultivation,trading,industry,customs,ethics,caste,creed,race,service,religion etc.) are being introduced in worldwide society for resist the animosity acts and establish humanity,justice,liberty,characteristics,prosperous and peace life.

Governance system-Refined governance system like democracy and communism are evolved because of found deficiency connecting to humanity, justice, liberty and peace in imperialism ,military and dictatorship Governance systems.
Origin of patriotism and martyr -, Invading was recognized in imperialism Governance system, for that to save own country boundary patriotism and martyr slogan or motivation was instilled in mind wave of every country people. Still patriotism and martyr sentimental slogan or motivation or thought is continuing in mind of world people though sovereignty stand for save permanent boundary of every country and United Nation is stand for keep peace and sustainable development of world.

Terrorism or (Any new word which creating violence for establish their concept)-
Many group of people want to establish own sentimental or fictitious religious concept in anywhere of the world for form the government or direct the government or control the government or create havoc in the society or blaming to current regime by framing and naming so many organizations, accordingly motivating people for sacrifice own existence, money and labor to achieve their goal and violence is continuing in the worldwide society.

Hostility among countries and worldwide weapons competitions-
Sovereignty is given to worldwide countries and United Nation guides to all nations, then also cold war is continuing in term of weapons competition, dispute of boundary, military post competition, communal Government, utilize of natural resources ,dominance Governance policy etc.

Instigate for sacrifice existence to common people –Situations are created by our leaders in so many fields in our society, and common people are instigated to sacrifice own existence in term of political riot, communal riot, country boundary, communal Government in recognized or unrecognized way is impact of repulsion intelligence leadership. Now attraction intelligence leaderships are needed in every field of worldwide society to wipe out the thought of sentimental patriotism, martyr and terrorism, every one’s boldness to be channelized to drain out to help the poor and tortured people in our society to become a real patriot and martyr in current era, rather killed or assassinated to or by other countries’ soldier.

We awarding the family member of martyr, but never think life long tear of one widow of martyr of any country is more heaver that total country victory.

It does not mean, we would not respect to our past patriots and martyr .It was necessary at that time, but now world people would come out from such sentimental thought. Because slowly man become higher consciousness towards refine human civilization.

Rather motivate people in following “Existentialism” way by preachers, teachers and political leaders for wipe out sentimental patriotism, martyr and terrorism-
1-“Life and growth” is birth right of every man.
2- Registered land in own name on the earth.
3- Acquisition is needed
4- Enjoy freedom in speak, language, gender, religion, community, elect to leader, humanity, justice
5-Country boundary stand for geographical demarcation, forming government, economical development not for create hostility to other countries.

Startup to wipe out sentimental patriotism, martyr and terrorism-
Any small or big two countries having good country boundary understanding would be taking step to withdraw the military posts and giving charges to police for maintaining law and order, would become the attraction leadership instance among the worldwide leadership, and United Nation would keep provision to award those countries annually .Day will come when military world would back to dictionary and only police system would maintain the law and order in worldwide society and it is not imagination.

Madhu Sudana Parida
International Integration Bond(IIB)

Sentimental patriotism,martyr and terrorism



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