Diff spices used in our Recipee

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Diff spices used in our Recipee

Postby poonam kedia » Jun 5th, '11, 19:20

Spices play a very important role in Cooking. Masalas are the

combination of spices, herbs and other condiments ground together,

some Important Herbs and Spices which add flavor to our food.

Holy Basil - Tulasi - Ocimum Sanctum

This is a sacred plant of Hindus. properties. The leaves have a

sweet aromatic smell. Its tender fresh leaves are used as medicine.

the leaves are used mainly in Italian tomato sauces giving a sweet

scented, minty aroma & used to make very tasty cold drinks.

Ginger - Adrak

This is the most popular spice used in Indian cooking.Its flavor

is pungent and spicy. If you feel a cold, You can take it within

hot tea. unpeeled ginger root, tightly wrapped, can be refrigerated

for up to 3 weeks and frozen for up to 6 months. You should not

use dried ground ginger for dishes specifying fresh ginger as the

flavors differ greatly.

Saffron - Kesar

Saffron threads are orange-red dried stigmas of a smae flower

called the Crocus Sativus. Saffron's aroma is unique,it is used in

cooking to flavor and color the dish a wonderful golden yellow

color. It is mainly used in savory dishes like Biryani, Pulaos

and even some curries.

Turmeric - Haldi

Turmeric has a very intense, bright yellow-orange color and bitter

taste. It is used in almost all vegetarian and non-vegetarian

preparations in Indian coking. It has been known to have antiseptic


Almonds - Badaam

Almonds are oval nuts with a mellow, sweet flavor, These are

mainly used in the Mogul style of cooking in North India. In the

Indian sweets, like ice creams, halwas, confectioneries these are

used.Almonds are used to thicken gravies and as a special


Pomegranate - Ana r

A sweet and sour delicious fruit. The interior of the pomegranate

fruit is composed of many white seeds covered with a red or pink

pulp-like tissue which has a fresh sweet and sour pleasant taste.

the seeds can be used in a fruit salad.

Black Cardamom - Badi Elaichi

This spice is coarser in flavor and larger in size than the green

cardamom. It is used in flavoring meat, poultry and rice dishes.

When using the whole cardamom for flavoring dishes, remove the

cardamom before serving ( it does not taste good when bitten into).

Coriander Seeds - Dhania

Coriander seeds are round and have fine longitudinal ridges having

a sweet heady aroma, You should not use Coriander in place of

coriander leaves, although they are from the same plant. The seeds

are used whole and /or are ground into a powder for use.

Asafoetida - Hing

these are the dried gum resin of an east Indian plant. It has a

strong odor .You can not taste it raw, do not be afraid to try

using it in the recommended recipe. Usually just a pinch is used

for cooking mainly fish, vegetables and making "Indian pickles".

It is available in a yellow powdered form.

Golden Raisins - Kishmish

Golden Raisins are first sulfured and then dried to retain their

yellow golden color. These are generously used in many desserts

like Kheer and also in pulaos.


The flesh is grated and used for garnishing also used in many

Indian sweets and many curies. The dried coconut is grated and

ground into many "masalas" or also used in pieces and in savory


Diff spices used in our Recipee



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